PyStext - Python Songtext Viewer

PyStext is a Python Script, that makes it comfortable to view the lyrics of the current Played song.
It was developed to use it in the subway, train, everywhere with this little piece of fun:


- can get lyrics from net, type them yourself if you want :)
- stores them in a small Database
- runs on Desktop and on Handheld
iPAQ 3850 Picture

Also it was written to improve my skills in Python, so don't expect a great Script. At the moment the Code is quite bad, I would say Spaghetti Code with Functions ;-)

Currently, it looks like this:

These are quite old Screenshots. Main window:
Pic of Pystext

The somewhat called Config window:

Pic of PyStext

I hope I can improve the Code and add more functionality to make adding Lyrics easier and make the program usable on the desktop.
In the meantime, take a look at the proeject page:

PyStext at Sourceforge